Ten Categories, Ten Entries and Ten Times to Be Happy!

As part of my own personal Happy and Healthy Challenge I’ve decided to set myself the task of writing ten blog posts which all focus on things that make me happy! Then, when I’m feeling down… when times are tough and when I’m having a rough time at least I have ten possible sources to try and cheer myself up! (Also, this is a great way to become more self-aware!)

This isn’t a challenge that I’ve found on the internet… I’m literally making it up as I type haha! But, I have the idea in my head that I will set myself ten topics – within these topics I will have to list ten things that match the topic (all in individual blog posts) so I’ll end up with ten entries…. (hopefully you get the gist of it).

So, drums please… here are the ten categories/themes for the ten entries… 

1) Ten Songs that make you happy

2) Ten Places that make you feel positive, inspired and happy

3) Ten Positive Memories that you never want to let go of

4) Ten Influential People or role models (people you don’t know!!)

5) Ten Books/Movies/Creative works that have ‘changed your life’

6) Ten destinations that you would love to visit

7) Ten of your favourite historical moments (yup – this world has seen some pretty incredible achievements… lets remind ourselves of the good in the world…

8) Ten of your favourite foods (and why!) – This can be things you wanna learn to cook, or haven’t yet eaten!

9) Ten of your favourite photos! 

10) Ten ways to get yourself out of a rut. (To cheer yourself up!)

So… there ya go… that’s what I will be working on for the next few weeks! (I’m not setting myself a time limit). Feel free to join in and follow the challenge! (Try yourself as well!) Focus on the positives!

Adios amigos xx



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