10 songs that make me a Happy Human


(Afternoon… or whatever it is in your timezone…) 

Happy Human

The other day I made up this (not so innovative) challenge/task for myself… You can catch the drift of things here:

Ten Categories, Ten Entries and Ten Times to Be Happy!

So, here’s my first task… complete! 

Ten Songs that make you happy

1) Running – James Bay

2) Can’t Take My Eyes off you – Frankie Valli

3) Crazy Horses – The Osmonds

4) Feel the Tide – Mumford & Sons

5) You Need Me, I Don’t Need You – Ed Sheeran

6) Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

7) Learn to Fly – Foo Fighters

8) We Are the Young – McFly

9) Circle of Life – Elton John

10) Hedwigs Theme – John Williams (Harry Potter & the Philosophers Stone)

I’m not gunna explain them… this task is a lot harder than it looks – especially when you love music as much as I do, and you have the capability of getting distracted by anything that sounds remotely cool!!  But I’m just gunna leave you with this…

It’s so bloody good.


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