#SelfCareSunday (The sassy edition…)


Trying to find an image to throw into the #SelfCareSunday collection that I’ve started, and to add to the hashtag over on Twitter seems like too big a feat today. I’m in a very grumpy mood, but I’m also in a relaxed laid back kind of mood – so I guess if you mix that together that makes me lazy? Haha, na I don’t think so… but I’m just not in the mood to search for a picture that’s got loads of pretty flowers and stuff on (I do love that kinda thing but just not today!) Today I’m feeling sassy, and this image (found on Pinterest… of course!) has been cheering me up all week.

I just love it so much, I really don’t know why but the word ‘bombdiggity’ is apparently one of the best words in the world. It’s just so sassy and SO MUCH FUN TO SAY. I think it’s just a really funny image to stumble across when all the other images I seem to be finding on pinterest recently have been inspirational quotes or fairly lighthearted, nicely decorated images and sketches.

I just love it, I absolutely love it haha.


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