From Monday (15th Feb) the BBC launches it’s ‘In the Mind’ season, with two weeks of programming focusing on mental health.

In the Mind.jpg

#InTheMind will help toward a greater understanding of mental health, promoting a positive portrayal of mental health, helping to break the stigma surrounding mental illness and encourage conversation, getting people talking about mental health.

Programming includes content such as an insight into living with bipolar, featuring Stephen Fry:


As well as content such as the 2015 winner of the Factual TV Mind Media Award, ‘Life After Suicide’ (see clips here).

It’s really exciting to see such a positively-driven project led by a national broadcasting organisation with such a far-reaching audience. The BBC has the ability to reach into the homes and lives of people not just in UK, but further afield – which is incredibly exciting in terms of helping people understand mental health. Not all discussions concerning mental health are negative, but I have no doubt that #InTheMind will have a fantastic impact on breaking down the negative stigma of mental illness.

For more information see Mind’s website: In The Mind – BBC’s ‘Most ambitious mental health project ever.’

Keep up to date with the project through the hashtag #InTheMind




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