Dearest Someone, what’s my purpose?

I’ve been very busy the past few months – with some incredible opportunities and with starting this blog, but lately I cannot stop thinking about my purpose. I’m surrounded by and influenced by some really special people – people who are often changing the lives of others for the better and I feel that although I’ve achieved stuff in my life I’ve still not discovered what my purpose is.

I don’t mean that I feel my life isn’t worth living – I mean I feel I need to starting my life with a purpose, or at the very least I feel that I need to start channelling my skills and my passions into something purposeful.

I have a fabulous bunch of people that I’m fortunate to see almost everyday and I am really blessed that I work and study at a great university. This past week I’ve met someone

who has worked abroad and in the United Kingdom – doing some pretty inspiring things and its just really cemented my feelings that I need to discover what my purpose is. (That sounds mega cheesy but when your life has been shaped by some extraordinary people and you’ve had near death experiences then I think it’s okay to be a little cheesy hahaha).

But yeah, these words are just an indication of what I’ve been feeling the past week – I’m really enjoying the opportunities I’m fortunate enough to be offered but I still think that I gots ta start figuring out what it is that I’m meant to be doing ha! I guess it’s fairly normal to feel this way when you’ve been through traumatic/stressful experiences – especially when you’ve been saved or helped by people who are living their life and working daily to save the lives of others (such as the emergency services etc).

So yeah, I’ll keep you updated on this one haha 🙂




  1. I had purposeful work for 25 years and it was so life enhancing. Since I have come down with severe PTSD I have been unable to do that work anymore. I have struggled to find a new purpose. I can’t life without a purposeful life. Maybe it is time for me to see my healing and building a home life as my purpose and that is enough for me to do in the world today. My blogs have all been about struggling to find purpose.


    • Thank-you Janet, I think healing is a purpose – I think you definitely just did some purposeful work by posting this comment – as this comment really means a lot to me so thank-you 🙂


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