Dearest Someone, I’m gunna show you crazy.

Music is a big thing for me – it influences me a lot, down to the point where it affects the way I think, and I can listen to music when I’m in any type of mood. When I was first diagnosed with PTSD I started using Spotify to create playlists – notably one called ‘Lightbulb’ in which I added songs that pretty much summed up how I felt, or helped make me view things from a different perspective.

Nowadays I still listen to Spotify on a daily basis – but I’ve started listening to the playlists made by others. Listening to one of the playlists that includes all the latest hits I stumbled across this song:

(It does include a lot of swearing so be cautious.)

Bebe Rexha – I’m Gunna Show You Crazy

The thing is I know there’s a lot of swearing etc. but the lyrics really caught my attention – I mean the first verse pretty much sums up my situation at the moment!:

There’s a war inside my head
Sometimes I wish that I was dead, I’m broken
So I call this therapist
And she said girl you can’t be fixed just take this
I’m tired of trying to be normal
I’m always overthinking
I’m driving myself crazy
So what if I’m f*cking crazy
And I don’t need your quick fix
I don’t want your prescriptions
Just ’cause you say I’m crazy
So what if I’m f*cking crazy
Yeah I’m gonna show you

So yeah, I know this song may be controversial but it’s kind of a fun way to let off steam, and to channel all that inner-anger (or ya inner diva if you like!)

Let me know what you think of the song, and the message it conveys, etc. 



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