Me, Myself and Time

Me, Myself and Time

This is 100% a Demi Lovato/Disney Channel reference, but upon doing a little YouTube search this evening (I’m in need of some really ace vocals/music to keep me plodding on), I rediscovered this song. I’m a huge fan of Demi, and when this song was released a few years back (part of Sonny With a Chance) the song had a huge impact on me.

I haven’t listened to the song for about two years now, and listening to it right in this very moment makes me realise how relevant the song is to my life.

‘I’ll find myself in time.’ 

A few years back I was deciding on going to uni, studying my A Levels and just generally figuring things out. Demi is a year older than me (I’m 21), and she decided to go into treatment around a similar time to this song’s release. What I’m getting at here is maybe Demi didn’t realise how relevant the song was to her own struggles (maybe she did – who knows?!) I didn’t realise back then how ace this song would be to me in the future…

I’m about to embark on the next stage of this crazy adventure that is life, I can feel it. Things are changing – for the better, and though I know things are certainly about to get crazy difficult I’m excited. I know that what I am about to go through will really really help me in the long run, and as this good’old song says…

I’ll find myself in time. 



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