Accepting The Label (Reblogged Post)

This is incredibly honest, moving and powerful. I cannot imagine how hard it was to decide to become public about this, especially as the writer has identified how difficult it was (and continues to be) coming to terms with her diagnosis.

It’s blogs’ like this that leave me in incredible admiration toward the authors. Claire didn’t have to share this post, however the positive impact it has had on others is something that no journalist, article or fact sheet could emulate.

This post is very relatable to me, even though I have a different diagnosis, and I’m so thankful that Claire shared this.

Mental Illness Talk

This is genuinely one of the most difficult things I have ever written about because it’s the one label that I rip from my skin and pretend it isn’t there. I really struggle to accept it as my diagnosis because of the stigma and shame surrounding it. I have Personality Disorder NOS (Not Otherwise Specified) and it is incredibly difficult to live with.

I’ve not accepted the diagnosis before and always told myself that my diagnosis was wrong but reading through my Section papers made me realise that actually it is a problem and that realisation is heart-breaking. I guess I’m scared of who I am. I’ve never really talked about it before but some of the symptoms that come along with my personality disorder include:

  • Avoidance of everything that is uncomfortable. I avoid the scales at my eating disorder appointments, I avoid awkward or difficult conversations, confrontations, subjects I don’t…

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