A Halloween-themed October update: Mind’s Christmas Crafternoon and more.

Source: Dearest Someone, / Ella Robson
Source: Dearest Someone, / Ella Robson

Let’s be honest there’s so many different Halloween puns that I could fill this post with but I’m definitely 100% having to hold back from boring you all haha. Halloween is soon! So very soon! In fact I really cannot believe how fast this year has gone; I think I’ve been working so hard both personally and professionally that it’s definitely time for me to slow down!

This October I’ve moved into a new house, started a new job, started new things in my recovery and tried my hardest to battle through certain things. I’m not gunna lie, things have been pretty tricky – but at the same time I’ve tried my hardest to keep this blog as positive as possible – it really does allow me to view things from a different perspective, and the wonderful, lovely comments I receive really do help me.

I’ve found starting a new job incredibly exciting – I haven’t had time to find it challenging yet as I’m still finishing up some of my postgraduate studies, I’ve carried on blogging and I’ve been spending a lot of time getting to know my new housemates. I think I’ve cried more tears this past month than the waterfall I cry every time I watch P.S: I Love You (such a sad film ahhhh). Funnily enough though I am in such an ace place right now, although the lows are very low the middle-ground, the every day normal stuff such as watching TV with friends, having a little chat or a cuppa – all those moments are finally starting to feel pretty awesome again… and although I know that sounds silly I’m really pleased that I’ve finally began allowing myself to be myself, I’m finally allowing myself to actually be in the moment, rather than running around like a headless chicken, people pleasing and trying my hardest to get through the day – pretty much waiting for bed time.

Also, there’s been SO MUCH new music this month – which my inner music geek is loving, and I think that’s really helped my mood/recovery. Music, arts and creative things really work wonders for me. Last week I was asked by Mind if it was okay for them to send out an alternate version of my recent blog to all their members – which was wonderful. I’m so happy to support Mind’s Crafternoon, and I cannot wait to see photos from everyone’s day! If you’re a Mind member then you will have received a message from me via email where I talk about how important crafting and creative activities are for me. If you want to find out more about Mind’s Christmas Crafternoon then click here. 

Source: Mind
Source: Mind

As you can see I also had a little doodle earlier this evening (I’m getting in the festive mood…) 

I’d love to see your creative accounts of October – whether that’s a poem, a doodle, an awesome painting, some crochet or knitting (woolly hats all round…) Send me some pictures or links to stuff that shows the ups and downs of October! Let’s get creative!! 🙂



  1. This sounds great and so good to hear your spirits lifting in those moments and I know what a huge uphill struggle it can be to get to that. Where do we send craft pics – on Twitter? I’ll send some pics of our Oct upcoming Survivor’s Knitwork North knitting events. Did you see Silke’s friendship bracelet idea @Proud2SpeakOut https://survivorsknitwork.wordpress.com/2015/10/26/survivors-knitwork-bracelets/ And also look on my main blog for an interesting Mind Out event that I’ll be at today. Oh and this is interesting too craft and mental health wise: http://www.stitchlinks.com/


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