Home for the weekend


“There’s no place like home…”

I’m home for the weekend (Essex), and it has been really quite lovely. I hadn’t planned to come back until a little closer to Christmas, in fact my friend had planned to travel up to Birmingham (where I currently live, after moving here for university back in 2011) for the weekend before she goes off to Australia (lucky bigger). However, I’ve been a little unwell as of late, and Thursday night I had a bit of a middle of the night panic where the only thing I could think of/do was go home. Fortunately I am lucky enough to get free train travel, so it was very easy for me to hop onto a 2pm train down to London. Although, I’d forgotten ‘Black Friday’ is now a thing here in the UK, even though we don’t celebrate Thanksgiving… Which meant London was of course ridiculously busy, but that didn’t bother me too much.

Given my serious lack of sleep Thursday night by the time I arrived home my only goal was to make it upstairs to my bed, where my cat set up camp and laziness was acceptable. I had the world’s greatest night of sleep… 3am cat freak out and all… and it then took me about three hours to get out of bed Saturday morning…


It’s so lovely and refreshing to have a change of scenery, and it is even nicer to be at home, surrounded by home made food,  my cat and my loved ones. Despite still being a little under the weather I’m currently sat watching The Little Mermaid, waiting for a Sunday roast and attempting to formulate coherent sentences for this blog post…

I’ve also had a dress fitting today, which was interesting as my cat really loved the look of long, flowing material… aka: heaven for an energetic, annoying little cat.



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