Tough times are calling again

The tough times come and go, I feel overwhelmed, lost, terrified, angry, ashamed and silly, and other times I feel okay, okay enough to handle things. I feel okay enough to work, to make food, to eat, to sleep, to do life… and then other times simply thinking about food is too much. Other times I can take on anything, I can do anything, I can be whoever I want to be, I can achieve whatever I want to achieve, and then BAM; life reminds me that I can’t actually do anything, that everything sucks, that I’m worthless, that there’s no point trying and that I have skills and talent simply made for mocking myself. I’m intelligent, I can do things, I have skills… but what’s the point when I’m actually a rubbish human? I’m a waste of space, there’s nothing that I can do that would ever make me feel better. Nothing will ever be enough for anyone, and I won’t ever be enough for me. No matter how hard I try I will always find a way to fall back down. It’s nobody’s fault but mine.

What's the point.jpg



  1. And those are the times my dear when you just rest back into all those people who you help and inspire, and those who know you well, and you borrow from them love, compassion, nourishment until you source your own again, which you will. Hugs.

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