Thank gawd it’s Friday (HIBERNATING TIME)

Source: Ella Robson / Dearest Someone,
Source: Ella Robson / Dearest Someone,

I’ve reached a point of not knowing what on earth/how on earth I feel, which isn’t very helpful when it comes to blogging ha! I’ve had a long, long, looooooong week – definitely one of the toughest in terms of my mental health that I’ve had for a while! But right now I’m feeling better / or just far too exhausted to feel ha.

The start of the week was pretty intense, dark and low – even though I had a lovely weekend! Then mid-week I was unbelievably stressed, hating myself, but also completely ‘on it’ when it came to work – I had so much energy and was definitely winning at the whole work stuff. But at the moment I seem to have really high moments and then some pretty tough moments – and buses apparently are really not one of my favourite things right now. I do a lot of thinking when I’m on a bus (when I’m not anxious) – and I tend to end up hating everything about myself when I get off the bus at the other end. (Odd I know ha). It’s like one of them stereo-typical movie scenes where someone’s looking out of a bus window, it’s raining, the world is passing by, everyone else is loving life but for me everything sucks. Everything sucks for no reason though, so I’m feeling pretty fed up / angry at myself / stressed / tired and confused.

I have no idea what else to type! I think it’s time to give my head a bit of a break.

This tweet 100% sums up my week…



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