Big Decisions: What are your tips?

‘you taste so bitter and so sweet’

Is that not the case of a lot of things in this big bad world? Something seems so good, but you know there’ll be negatives. I guess there’s pros and cons to everything.

Wait, let me rephrase that.

There are pros and cons to everything. 

I know it’s not exactly the statement of the year, but it seems to be something that I’m continuously learning. The theme of my life lessons recently has been to notice when things are good, and to treasure those moments as much as possible. Things can’t stay good forever, but things can be good. Happiness may be fleeting, the good may pass but at least there is good in there somewhere. 

Anyway, I’m rambling. (Much like the thoughts in my brain.) I have so much to think about at the moment, I’m coming towards the end of my Masters degree and I’m torn between staying in Birmingham and moving back down to Essex (where I’m closer to London.) This big decision is made harder by the fact that I’ve been offered EMDR therapy up in Birmingham, and down in Essex I currently don’t even have a Doctor. I’ve worked very hard this past year to ‘just be’ (aka: I’ve been battling PTSD/depression or whatever it is, and it’s been a really hard battle.) It’d seem strange to just kind of walk away from it all. 

(I just got really distracted by the music in my iTunes, and I’ve decided I really need to update my music). 

I guess here I have to consider both my mental health alongside my personal career aspirations – but they are both equally important! Some may say that your personal decisions have a huge impact upon your mental health (I’d love to know your take on this.)

I’ve always struggled with personal decisions – professional decisions and offering advice to others regarding decisions ironically is something that I’m really good at. I guess it’s because in terms of my personal life I’m deciding on where I’ll live – the place that I can find peace (hopefully). It’s very different to professional decisions, and for me it currently seems very difficult. 

Don’t worry, I’m not going to ask you to help me decide, but I would like to ask about any tips or pieces of advice in terms of making big decisions. Do you have any tips, or anything that helps you to think more clearly? What are your best tools when it comes to making important decisions?

Big Decisions

I’d love to know what you think – please send me some thoughts! 🙂



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