Sunday Doodles – Stigma.


I’m not feeling too great today, I’m not sure why – but I’ve spent the day sleeping and sketching. (It’s literally the only thing I can bring myself to do today.) I’ve doodled loads of different things, all little, simple bits and bobs that articulate exactly how I’m feeling today. A lot of them are food related, so I’m not gunna share them just yet – as that’s a whole other can of worms, and I don’t often write much about my relationship with food.

But for now, this is one of the things that I’ve drawn today, as ‘Stigma’ has been a much talked about topic in all the stuff I’ve published recently, and I feel very strongly about trying to destigmatise mental illness. Moreover, I don’t want to share some of the other, more personal, images I’ve drawn – as I’m feeling a little fragile today, and I’m not really sure what else to say!



  1. That sounds like fab self-care – you make gentle contact with the world, but with responsive tenderness to the fragility you are feeling by not over exposing yourself today. Inspiring. Hang on in there – you are not alone and speaking out makes stigma a whole lot less powerful and scary, just like being in good connection with others can make light work of shame.

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    • I love everything about this comment! You write so beautifully (even if you didn’t intend to!) I agree fully that speaking out makes stigma less powerful, I’ve found people accept me when I’m open and honest (even though at times they cannot understand some aspects) – I see others who aren’t so lucky, and somehow I’m managing to add to the ongoing discussion for tackling stigma, while finding new ways to express myself and to ‘release’ some steam so to say! (Hope that makes sense haha!)

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  2. Totally makes sense and yes – keep going – you are doing a fab job and as you say your work is making a difference to others, including me – thank you. Thank you too for what you say about my writing – I really appreciate that.

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