Spotlight on online mental health resources:

Within my blog posts I use a variety of my own images, images people have sent to me and images that I have found on Pinterest​ (I love Pinterest!) I have several boards, including a variety that are focused solely on mental health. When I’m searching for mental health related images I often stumble across a variety of really great images from HealthyPlace​ – a wonderful website that focuses on mental health. I thought I’d share their website as I’m a huge fan.

They have a great website packed with resources and information (N.B: they’re based in America). They also have an ace Pinterest account – crammed with quotes, mental health specific images and more. In addition they have a wonderful Stand Up campaign – which you should check out!

I feel inclined to say that I’m not in any way endorsing, or affiliated with them – they’re just a really wonderful resource and I thought you’d like to check them out! 

Also, here’s a screenshot (high-tech I know) of their Pinterest account:

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